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In today’s lifestyle –life seems to catch up with us. This can take a toll on your body and mind and leave you if not only drained, tired, aged and stressed. So go on – Treat yourself to a spot of perfect wellness by enrolling into one of our TLC wellness Breaks.  TLC organizes wellness breaks in various destinations. They range from exclusive weekend retreats to more elaborate 10 day health and wellness retreat. These health and wellness retreats will allow you to find a balance your life and to engage in healthy activities in a healing environment

TLC Weekend Retreat:

TLC IS offering a wellness breaks at our destination spa where guests can retreat into a special world of Health and general wellbeing. The wellness breaks offer a wide range of experiences that are specifically tailored to the needs of our guests. 

TLC  Health retreat with Lina

Lina is a 10 day wellbeing break that is designed to give you Nutrition skill power to achieve a day to day weight loss success. The 10 day retreat is an in house comprehensive and holistic total lifestyle change experience that is tailored to each individual needs of every guest.

The 10 day Retreat is inclusive of a session with a medical doctor, psychologist and stress management, Nutrition consultant, fitness sessions/challenges and exercise classes, food demos, lifestyle coach, personal trainer, nature walks, Aqua aerobics, meditation and mindful eating. Plus Therapeutic massage Therapy.


TLC Therapeutic and relaxation Centre

Do you feel like the stresses of life are reducing your quality of life ? are you concerned that your Lifestyle may be ” Killing You Softly? “


TLC is here to help you take your life back by experiencing  7 Rs.


2  Rejuvenate.

3  Recharge.

4  Re-energize.

5  Reclaim.

6  Reset

7  Renew…

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