Our Programs:

Nutrition assessment, counseling and education improve overall health and is highly cost effective way of avoiding the risk of Lifestyle related diseases and future medical cost. We achieve nutrition management through different client based approaches. Our programs encompass the whole population in the lifecycle from neonatal Health, paediatric, teens, adults, senior citizens. TLC runs a specialized Wellness centre, training and resource centre for Nutrition, fitness and Health information


All Programs Include:

  • Optional- Residential
  • Holistic wellness package
  • Healthy meals – deliciously prepared, completely plant-based cuisine
  • Comprehensive Health & Wellness checks/consultation
  • One on one in-house coaching
  • Outdoors fitness and guided walks
  • health Coach/Counsellor
  • Interactive group discussions and Health talks
  • Hands-on cooking lab/demonstrations – healthier ways to cook and eat
  • Lots of relaxation time to distress and Unwind

Our Weight loss Packages Include

  • TLC Nutrition and Lifestyle Center offers a 21-day program
  • Our TLC signature  12 week Weight loss  program
  • TLC Children’s Program
  • TLC Workplace Wellness Programs

TLE Workplace Wellness Programs

Healthy Workplaces = Healthy Bottom Lines

Today’s companies must maintain optimum productivity and profitability to achieve success. But when employees are absent due to chronic or acute illnesses, insurance premiums continue to skyrocket and company morale plummets. It can be a challenge just to stay in business. TLC is offering a unique lifestyle intervention program. Not only does it create opportunities for improving access to physical activity and healthier foods in the worksite, it also provides onsite health and nutrition education opportunities.


Adopting a healthy Lifestyle behaviour is important if you are considering not only how to increase employee productivity and reduced absenteeism but also save on Healthcare costs directly, thus increasing your company’s bottom Line.


TLC Nutrition and Lifestyle Center offers a 21-day program

Would you like to Drop a size or two with TLC? Then join our TLC signature 12 week Weight loss and fitness challenge that has successful been featured on one of our TV stations dubbed ‘’ Slimpossible’’

This  is a intensive 90 days  follow-up weight loss program that includes weekly comprehensive Nutrition assessment and daily work outs that are designed to not only get you  ‘’ drop- a size – or – two’ but keep your body burning calories 24 hours a day. The aim of this weight loss program is to help you make Healthier choices through a Total Lifestyle Change and develop a steady gain in both fitness levels and body conditioning.

Our TLC signature 12 week Weight loss program

The Slimpossible weight loss TV show – featured on Citizen TV for 7  seasons (from 2010 – 2016)

TLC Children’s Program

WE CAN (Ways of enhancing Children’s Activities and Nutrition )


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